Building a better world
is no longer a chimera

Grupo JR Ortiz is a business holding formed by competitive and profitable companies in different areas and sectors, leaders at the international level thanks to the vision and constant search for excellence in everything it promotes. The group ensures constant satisfaction of the client's needs, the achievement of the company's objectives, the compatibility of the process with the ecosystem and the integral progress of our stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.

JR Ortiz Group

With more than 30 years of successful experience in the investment and renewable energy sector based on the firmness of its values, professionalism and a high demand in satisfying its clients are fundamental elements that make them a benchmark for society. Working with transparency and honesty is the best investment for the present and the future of the JR Ortiz Group.


Business Areas

Its main lines of business are; renewable energies (BOS), civil works projects, financial investments and real estate investments.

Qué Hacemos

A management committed to people and the environment

The synergy of the JR Ortiz Group aspires to achieve profitable businesses, fulfilling above all the commitment acquired with people and their environment. From any area of the holding company this approach is transmitted to align the business vision with social benefit and sustainable development.